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A pregnancy can bring a lot of different emotions. For some its relief of  a dream becoming a reality, fear, excitement, anger, nervousness. Everyone handles it differently and everyone's pregnancy is different. Through the whole vomit filled, hormonal mess that is pregnancy, there is a woman going through it. They are told often directly or indirectly that they should be feeling someway, be someway, act someway in regards to having their baby and being a mother. That it should be every woman's dream to mother a baby. But the truth is much more complicated than that. Not everyone is initally excited at the idea of becoming a mother. Whether it be outside influences, family, life problems or what have you. Its not always excitement. Sometimes its just fear.

When I was growing up, I was never the little girl that “dreamed” of having a family one day. I once asked my good friend if she had dreamed of a large family since girlhood, and she said with confidence that she had. I couldn't relate, as I never had. Its not like I didn't play house or anything with my barbies. Well, sort of. I played with them, but it was more  or less a “oh no! Barbie is stuck in a giant spider web! Someone save her from the evil spider monster”. I played with animal figures, stuffed animals, mud, dirt, cars, video games. I had a pet rat that I would climb trees with, I played Aliens with the neighborhood kids. In short, I was a tom boy and wasn't afraid to show it. However, in a way this sort of isolated me. Growing up I was teased incessantly at school and had little to no real friends. At home, I had no safe haven as my brother continued the teasing calling me Fat and stupid. As a result,  my self confidence was not the best, I was nervous, anxious, felt like everything was my fault and well was generally a mixed up mess. As I grew into my teen years, I began to think of what most girls think of, boys, romance etc. I feel into anime and manga that featured ideal romances, although a bit fake in reality of what a man and romance really were. I knew I wanted someone to share my life with and then of course kids, however for me it wasn't a maternal desire to reproduce or to have a family. It me it was what married couples did. They got married and had children.  I knew I wanted to have kids, it just wasn't something I dreamed about. A lot of my hesitation stemmed from the fact that I had a very difficult relationship with my mother and well with myself.  I had a toxic internal dialogue that took over everything and never was quiet. I felt like there was never any peace in my own head, just noise and chaos every waking moment. I constantly criticize everything I did and said in my own head. I was my own worse enemy. I was also often taken advantage of, used, and dumped quickly by people I thought were my friends and thought I could trust.  My mother, along with my brother, had a difficult relationship with me as I was often made to feel like the blame. I suffered much emotional abuse at home that I never realized was abuse and toxic until I came into adult hood and began to see a counselor.

In college I met my now husband Greg. We had seen each other in classes before and finally ended up next to each other in an animation class. Our relationship progressed quickly and I knew what I wanted and so did he. We got engaged after 6 months and married after being together for a year.  I knew I loved him and I thought that this would complete me and I would be happy. While I was for a time, I still felt...incomplete. Unhappy in someway with myself, like I had some sort of hole inside. As the years past, I continued to have problems with my mother and brother. My husband hated the way that I was treated, hated the way they made me react and how I wouldn't stand up for myself. I constantly was the one apologizing, taking the blame even if it wasn't my fault and playing peace maker. Eventually I had a falling out with a very good friend of 10 years. Despite all the problems, I had thought for sure she would be there for me, and without much explanation she left me to wonder where I had gone wrong in our friendship. At the time I had a falling out with my mother yet again and with all the stress it spilt into my job situation. I moved from one job to another and still found myself struggling if not worse. I remember the day it happened, the day I hit rock bottom. I was sitting in my car, feeling grimey and absolutely miserable. I had a sticky note of a counseling office that did a sliding scale so I could afford it. I finally called and it was the best decision I ever made.
Positive Part 1
Trying to get this done before the baby gets here. For a while I've been wanting to do this write up regarding my pregnancy and the feelings and thoughts going through it. I'm hoping it will help someone who may not feel 100% confident about becoming pregnant or have reservations about becoming a mother.

I don't pretend to have it 100% down. But I know I've gone through alot emotionally and mentally since starting my counseling thats helped me move forward and I'm hoping it will help some else.
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Hello Ya'll!!

We are back from BABSCON and after an exhausting weekend, we have a few things for the store.

At the last minute, I chose to print t-shirts and hoodies and have limited stock left over for you all to benefit from that couldn't be at the con.

You can preview them in my gallery or at the store. I will slowly be added new bottle cap designs such as Cheese Sandwich, Twicane, and CoCo Pommel. My booth partner will also be adding her printed to the page which are super cute and super awesome!

Get your swag today!

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